Tech Development

SR Tech Group LLC performs research and development of a broad range of emerging technologies.

Intellectual Property

The SR Tech Group LLC team generates intellectual property (IP) including patents and trade secrets.


We love to commercialize our tecnology as well as work with others to help them achieve good outcomes.


Need help on a project? We'd be happy to discuss how we can leverage our experience to help you.


We started up a few times. It's not easy. We help with formation, R&D, strategic planning, marketing, everything.

Software & Web - Internet

What will the future of software and web - internet be like. We are constantly thinking five years out to help it along.

Silicon Cornfield

Tech can happen anywhere, even here in the midwest. That said, we have strategic associates in big cities (Shanghai, Los Angeles) and small. We will do a deal anywhere.


We are open to working with others if the projects picks our attention. let us know and we can kick things around.


We look at innovation as problem solving. Most problems have a solution. Put together a good team and be open minded.