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SR Tech Group LLC announces sale of patent portfolio to Google, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH – July 22, 2013 – SR Tech Group, LLC, today announced the sale of a portfolio of U.S. patents and patent applications to Google, Inc.  The portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 7,742,922, titled “Speech interface for search engines” and U.S. Patent No. 8,056,070, titled “System and method for modifying and updating a speech recognition program”.  M.D. Goller and S.E. Goller are the listed inventors for all issued patents and patent applications in the portfolio.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Google appreciates the innovations of SR Tech Group, and is pleased to acquire SR Tech Group’s patents and patent applications,” said Allen Lo, Deputy General Counsel for Patents and Patent Litigation, Google Inc.  “This patent portfolio complements our existing holdings of over 50,000 patents and applications worldwide.”

“It’s great that a company like Google finds value in what we are doing. SR Tech Group LLC is happy to contribute to the fields of speech recognition and search technology and generate worthwhile Intellectual Property.” said M. D. Goller, CEO of SR Tech Group LLC.

“We love to combine, mashup and commercialize technologies in surprising and useful ways.  SR Tech works in a very broad range of tech areas from gesture, touch, speech and other emerging user interfaces to optical computing and biotech and we also work with other tech developers and businesses. We do outside consulting as well.” said S. E. Goller, President and head of the Technical Advisory Board of SR Tech Group LLC.

SR Tech Group LLC is now working with Voice Tech Group, Inc. to commercialize developed speech recognition, gesture and game play computing technologies for the PC.

TaztiTM Speech Recognition Software is Voice Tech Group, Inc.’s primary consumer oriented speech and voice recognition software offering. Available now from, Tazti enables users to: play PC games by voice, control applications by voice, control aspects of a PC by voice, and create their own user customized speech commands to open a webpage, file, folder, or run an application. Tazti is designed for able bodied and accessibility users.

SR Tech Group LLC was advised by Gustavo Aray of RZV (Rui Zhi Ventures Limited) an international IP advisory firm and Daniel Choi and Jeffrey Kersting of Frost Brown Todd LLC, attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio.

About SR Tech Group LLC

SR Tech Group LLC develops, consults on and commercializes a broad range of emerging technologies and related intellectual property.

About Voice Tech Group, Inc.

Voice Tech Group, Inc. develops, consults on and commercializes search, mobile texting, speech recognition, gesture, touch, wear-able computing and other human-machine interface and computing technologies for the PC, tablet, console and online video game play devices and games, home entertainment systems, auto, mobile user and other platforms. Voice Tech Group’s primary product line is Tazti Speech Recognition Software.

About RZV (Rui Zhi Ventures Limited)

RZV (Rui Zhi Ventures Limited) is an international IP advisory firm providing clients with IP monetization program management and patent brokerage services. RZV’s clients include leading technology firms and financial services companies worldwide.

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S. E. Goller,  SR Tech Group LLC,

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